C. E. Principles


Delivering support in someone’s own environment can positively affect a person’s ability to focus and progress


Offering personalised therapy allows for the specifics of a person’s difficulties to be acknowledged and addressed


Ensuring support is available and accessible at the critical times and the right times is an important criterion for an individual’s or service’s improvement


Feeling successful and being able to  recognise  improvement, regardless of age or stage, is key to sustaining motivation  and commitment


Sharing knowledge, experience and strategies supports others to develop skills and expertise


Identifying and targeting  what is relevant for the person / service  now, in the medium term, in the long term directly translates to functional outcomes


The communication process is dynamic, so must any support be to enable an individual / service  to connect to and reflect on their learning


If Communication Exchange can offer appropriate support, it will. If support is required, out with Communication Exchange’s range of expertise, signposting to other services will be offered