Therapy Services

Initial phone call / discussion Free of charge
Initial assessment (1hr)  and brief report £75
1:1 therapy session (30 mins) £40
1:1 therapy session (45 mins) £50
1:1 therapy session (60 mins) £65
Detailed Assessment or Progress Report  £30/hr
Visit to Nursery / School for observation, review meeting, advice charged at standard therapy session rate £45 (45mins)            £60 (60mins)


Consultancy Services

Initial consultation and proposal planning Free of charge
1 hour Training Session £100
Half Day Training £275
Full Day Training £450

The Fees

The fees include the planning and delivery of the therapy or consultancy session, the production of materials and resources, extension therapy activities for the individual or service and travel within a 12 mile radius of Dunning. Travel out with this boundary will be charged at the Standard Inland Revenue Rate of 45p/mile.