My Approach

To give you an idea of my experience, I have listed some of the work I have been involved in. The examples are a mix of direct work with individuals with communication difficulties and direct work with services who provide for individuals with communication difficulties.

For me, though, how I do something is just as relevant as what I do.

The 'What'

  • Devised Transition Processes to support Individuals with complex communication needs
  • Supported Individuals to develop communication skills using Alternative Augmentative Communication tools
  • Devised Communication Policies for School and Care Settings
  • Supported Individuals to develop Sound Knowledge for Speech and Literacy
  • Developed E-Learning Staff Training Modules on Communication
  • Supported Individuals to develop their capacity and competence in Socially Relating to others
  • Developed Observational Tools for Auditing Communication within Learning Environments
  • Supported Individuals to Develop Vocabulary Knowledge for everyday living and curriculum areas


My Approach


The 'How'

  • Understand the Individual's and/or the Service's needs through Reflective Assessment
  • Setting Meaningful Priorities which directly relate to Improved Outcomes for Individuals
  • Shared Working Practices, Joint Planning & Sign Up from all involved
  • Deliver and Adapt Intervention & Support when it needs to happen
  • Analyse & Evaluate all aspects of Support (process, outcomes and impact)